About us

Geekzik family 

Originally, we were just two people who like games, anime and comics.

One year, for our friend's birthday, we gifted him a special keychain that we've designed from one of his favorite video games, and it was the happiness beaming from his face that inspired us to recreate this feeling for others people who love fantasy world like us.

Geekzik was born from a passion for video games,anime and comics. From our inspiration to your mailbox, we strive to create beautifully designed products that bring your favorite characters from video games,anime and comics to life. Being geeks who loving everything related to geek world, we are so happy to be able to turn our passions into a business where our products are shared around the world.

Thank you for paying us a visit, and we look forward to you again!


If you have any questions you can contact us on this email