Legendary weapon - Frostmourne

It has a lot of names - Ice Graveyard, Frostmourne, Sword of a Thousand Truths, but these names do not change the essence of the item itself. The first owner of this weapon was Arthas Menethil, who was once the Prince of Lordaeron and is currently the Lich King.

If you believe the stories, this blade has a terrifying ability - it draws souls from its enemies and transfers their power to its owner, who, through such an exchange, also acquires immortality, as well as all-consuming power over the Undead race.

Frostmourne was crafted from elementium ice, as well as steel hardened in the blood of innocent victims. In order not to lose its abilities, the blade needed to feed on the blood of its slain victims, but it did not lack this, as it daily took the lives of those who only came under its sharp, deadly blade.

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